Peter Beattie: Most Of SCAG Pro R18+

Peter Beattie: Most Of SCAG Pro R18+

Former QLD Premier Peter Beattie has an opinion piece up on The Australian telling of his trip to this year’s E3, in which he expresses mild embarrassment for Australia after repeatedly being asked why we’re the only Western country without the rating.

In the piece he also claims that most of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General have agreed on the rating, with the exception of South Australia.


Introducing an R18+ classification for video games in Australia is a no-brainer.

It is the only way we will regulate the ever-changing computer and video games industry.

And how is Australia going to catch up to the rest of the world on this issue?

Well, the attorneys-general from each state need to agree. Until now most have agreed, except the attorney-general in South Australia.

Beattie singles out Atkinson as the force that has been standing in the way of progress. This might seem like common knowledge to some, but it contradicts Atkinson’s prior claims that the SCAG were simply happy to let him be the /”lighting rod for the gamers.”

It also begs the question of why, despite being asked numerous times, as well as overwhelming numbers from mainstream polls and the government’s own submission paper being pro-R18+, Attorneys-General have been so tight-lipped about the matter. When poll numbers are so clearly one-sided, what’s stopping our politicians from displaying any view at all? And full respect to him for saying so now, but if the new classification is a “no-brainer” as Beattie says, then why are we only hearing from him now? Why not between the years of 1998-2007, when he was premier?

Beattie points out that many eyes will now be on South Australian Premier Mike Rann and his new Attorney-General John Rau. He makes quite a few good points, of which there’s a good chance you’ve seen before, but this will bring them more exposure. Follow the link at the bottom for his full piece.

The argument from those opposed to an R18+ rating is that not having this classification will keep the nasty videos out of the country. How naive.

[Gamers need long pants, not ill-fitting SquarePants]


    • Fairly sure hge is the trade ambassador to the US, so he was kind of obliged to go to it. Good to know he has a sensible viewpoint though. Always liked him as premier and he always had my vote. Shame about his replacement but. Not likely to hear that much sense come out of her.

  • About bloody time.. lol

    Good on him though – hopefully we’ll see some more movement soon 🙂

  • “then why are we only hearing from him now? Why not between the years of 1998-2007, when he was premier?”

    Because that wouldnt have gotten him re-elected 😉 Polititians in this country are out to continue their term first and foremost and to serve to country second and until they sort out which is the bigger priority (because let’s face it, we elect them to lead the country to greener pastures, not to ensure they get a healthy pension once they quit) nothing is going to change 🙁

    • 1998-2007 video games were still not main stream, and then couple in the fact that we things like 9/11, columbine, V-tech and lost of other shootings with the media portraying the blame on video games.

      Next games like GTA3 had an extremely dark sense of humour which was also considered immature as well. if you were trying to get elected and attempted to defend something like gta3 back when all those massacres were still fresh in peoples minds, it would be political suicide.

      Nowadays with consoles like the Wii and the mainsteam appeal of the xbox 360 and ps3, plus the huge advent of soical networking on the internet has helped turn peoples opinions on accepting gaming.

          • It wasn’t blame… it was fact.
            ~One~ of the training tools the terrorists used was Microsoft Flight Simulator. I don’t recall any blame going to Microsoft.

  • Good on Beattie. Hopefully more of our elected representatives will follow suit and actually represent us.

  • “When poll numbers are so clearly one-sided, what’s stopping our politicians from displaying any view at all?”

    It’s an election year (both federal and in some states) and no one wants to be seen with a position that could be construed as ‘anti-children’ or ‘anti-family’. Remember all the rhetoric Atkinson used to dredge up about rape games and so on? No politician would want to say they support something which could be spun in such a negative way.

  • “You ain’t a SCAG are ya? I only shoot SCAG’s…”

    Hehe, TK Baha. The amount of times I heard him say that in Borderlands…

  • Why am I not surprised that (judging from this new information) Atkinson lied about the other Attorney-Generals and their stance on an R18+ Rating? -_- I’m glad he’s gone. Now I just hope his replacement isn’t as much of a small minded, self righteous a$$ as Atkinson.

  • He’s no longer in politics so he is not a politician.

    Here’s the thing if 5 states say yes we need an R18+ and one guy in South Australia says no we don’t get it. Doesn’t matter if the Queensland premier, New South Wales and Victorian premiers are all for it.

    The fact that the majority can be held back by one man makes me think Democracy doesn’t work.

  • the more i hear about this problem the more i see that Australia needs a massive overhaul of government structure all votes in government need to be majority rule(with the exception of deciding whether to instigate war) and if a public consultation exceeds 100,000 submissions then the matter is is decided by a referendum of the people not the politicians.

    that’s at least how I think the system should function

  • Well as nice as this is to hear it doesn’t really ammount to anything does it? If labor’s right wing backroom factions are willing to kick out acting prime ministers for not doing what they want I don’t see anyone else going against them on this issue for gamers, that’s why beattie here is only speaking now, that’s why Atkinson was dug in so deep, factional backroom stuff and atkinson was one of them in labor’s right wing that has all the swing these days. I’ll bet my left nut that we won’t see an R rating for at least another ten years because labor is getting more right wing and liberal ain’t getting any more left anytime soon, expect more fearful little people in suits to be telling you what you can and can’t see to protect little ones for a long, long time to come. And even though I said it was a shame I think it’s a little poor that our ‘savours’ G4C who thought they would be the new senate based party to rise up are no longer going to even try, I know you guys tried hard and all but conroy and the rest of the gang are still at it and you guys should have picked a non retarded name for the party if you had such big ambitions. At least G4C should hang around to raise the issue on some level if not go for political seats.

    • Reading is obviously not one of your strong suits. The G4C press release indicated that the party is deregistering, but will continue to operate, to promote awareness, pressure pollies etc.

      We weren’t pretending to be any kind of ‘saviour’. We were just doing something no-one else had previously, and that no-one else had the balls to. There were certainly more people willing to sit back and bitch than there were willing to actually contribute.

      Also, jibes about ‘retarded names’ are a bit rich coming from someone using one of the most clichéd handles in the universe. Just sayin’.

        • /sigh

          Yes, you did hit a nerve. Dave and I worked 60+ hours a week for almost 6 months (80+ in the last weeks) for no pay. The people who gave up huge amounts of time, and put our lives on hold, shouldn’t have to put up with petty sniping from people who… didn’t. We expected the ad hominem attacks from Atkinson. We shouldn’t have had to put up with it from the people we were trying to represent – as unrealistic that expectation seems in hindsight.

          Incidentally the whole “They don’t really owe me anything, but HOW DARE THEY” attitude is part of the reason gamers get a bad rap. Which is part of why we chose such a ‘retarded’ name; to challenge the public perception of gamers as anti-social morons.

          So please, next time someone gives up a huge chunk of their life to try and help out (Dave spent pretty much the whole campaign away from his wife), consider not making it harder for them.

          • Yes I hear what you are saying and do not normally snipe so I apologies Mr Prior.

  • A pity that the new(ish) AG in SA has gone totally silent on the game rating issue since the SA election. I’m guessing it’s true that the Australian Christian Lobby got to him and converted him to their fundamentalist ideology.

    • “…the Australian Christian Lobby got to him and converted him to their fundamentalist ideology.”

      Sadly the majority of the time it isn’t a conversion or a change of faith, it’s just having fist fulls of dollars thrown at your campaign.

    • All of them are silent. I expect we’ll see and hear much more from them after the federal election (and maybe any upcoming state elections) because Labor is wary of getting the ACL and it’s hate briga… uh, ‘dedicated campaigners’ offside. Particularly with a dirty heathen as Labor PM. They’re not a massive voting block, but if they decide to make a lot of noise, they could be very damaging.

      Not a defence, mind. It’s still bull. Just an assessment.

  • I was happy to support GFC and despite my prodding many, many of my friends did not, yet they still bemoaned the lack of R18+. Well unfortunately closing your eyes and wishing won’t change things.
    I hope if a new party is ever formed with a different name then perhaps more can get on board. I never gave a shit about the name personally, the idea was to pressure Atkinson and it succeeded.
    They word ‘gamer’ unfortunately is a stereotype, in the mind the uninformed it conjures up the image of a 20 something male gas pump attendant living in a hovel with no social life eating pizza in the dark with only the PC screen for light.
    Let’s start to call ourselves ‘media consumers’. Perhaps the ‘New media party’ is a good name. Hmmm how to give it a green flavour…
    My dream party; libertarian, green, anti censorship, common sense small government.
    Labour= socialist, big government, control. Spend too much .
    Liberal= ACL, conservative, Not green.
    Green= ridicules orbital left policy ideas, retarded foreign policy.

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