PlayStation Shot Glasses? PlayStation Underwear?

Sony has kicked off today the "PlayStation Logo Licensing Program". Translation: You'll soon start seeing all kinds of miscellaneous crap turn up sporting the PlayStation logo.

The idea is that Sony wants to see the PlayStation brand and logo (as well as the iconic controller button symbols) appearing on all kinds of "lifestyle products" that can be anything from clothing to homewares. The only item specifically mentioned in the accompanying press release are t-shirts.

So think boxer shorts, aprons, coffee mugs, baseball caps, etc, etc, etc, all made by third-party companies. Not that those are things Sony will specifically target, those are just the kind of things you normally see appear when you see the words "lifestyle products".

Knowing Sony and the company's long-standing fascination with "cool", though, I'd guess we're more likely to see expensive hoodies and sneakers than shot glasses and bar mats.


    Playstation underwear - the perfect birth control! As in anyone who sees you wearing them WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU :)

      That just made me burst out in laughter.

    ...WOW. And I thought Microsoft had shitty ideas...
    (Like overcharging for wi-fi and USB drives.)

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