Pokémon Suing Over Pictures Of Pokémon Cards

The Pokémon Company may have a fancy name, but it's still part of Nintendo, and we all know Nintendo is good at two things: making video games, and suing people.

Last week, The Pokémon Company filed a lawsuit in the US against sports card company Beckett. Why? Beckett publishes Beckett Pokémon Unofficial Collector!, a magazine that while unofficial has, it's been accused, been printing images of Pokémon cards without Nintendo's consent.

Beckett's defence rests on the fact that because The Pokémon Company had advertised in the magazine, and had never kicked up a stink about printing the images previously, they figured everything was cool. Well, Beckett, turns out it's not cool.

Pikachu: "I Sue You!" [Patent Arcade]


    Gotta sue ‘em all

      god damn it!
      That's what i was going to say!

      no i have to choose another one...

      nintensueomon i choose you!

        ...come on Loopmeister, you can do better.

        So I unofficially posted your joke. What are you gonna do, Sue me?

        Pokemon don't use -mon prefix as part of the naming convention of their monsters... Digimon does.

          You mean suffix?

        GOD DAMN IT!!!!

        TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

        hahaha... i give up!

    When you have a money making franchise like Pokemon do you think they would really let it slide?

    That's just stupid of Beckett. A cease and desist letter would have made more sense than a full on lawsuit, however.

    As I understand it, it's something to do with if you don't protect the property, in certain circumstances, others can lay claim to it if they use it more than the one who owns the rights, or something.
    Not that I advocate suing an entity that advertises and promotes your product.

      Same thing happened with Games Workshop. They had to sue a fan site because they had to protect their IP or forfeit it.

        That sucks......... can you sue someone for $0?

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