Portal 2's New 'Gel' Gives You That Wet Look

Valve's sequel to first-person puzzler hit Portal has more than just portals, cubes and more portals. In addition to Aerial Faith Plates, Excursion Funnels, Pneumatic Diversity Tubes and Thermal Discouragement Beams, there's... gel.

Specifically, the Repulsion Gel, which is a fancier term for a gooey trampoline, and the Propulsion Gel, which will rocket Chell and friends through portals and across testing labs at incredible speeds. See?

Portal 2 is still, as of today, scheduled for a 2011 release on the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


    Oh, that ending was creepy! This is going to be the best thing Valve has ever made, and the best PC game of all time like Portal is :D

    Oh man. This... this is just going to be superb.

    Oh wow the ending on the second video is so amazing.. wow all that footage at the end, so creative cant wait haha

    This proves once again that Valve is always improving

    This just gets better and better... holy crap I can't wait for it!

    who builds these places!?

    The level designers at Valve deserve medals, and lots of them.

    this is an absolute ripoff of what TAG did...
    the only difference is that this has a portal gun and TAG used a paint gun,


      Valve hired the creators of TAG. I don't see anything wrong of using someone elses idea in your game especially if you hire that person.

      Infact, portal it's self for an idea from another game made by Indie devs. Valve also hired them.

        Besides, name one game that doesn't share elements with other games.

      In all of that creativity you see one thing that you've seen before and cry "rip off". Please.

    Watching the last bit of video 2, with all the new elements flowing together? My heart stopped.

    You made a mistake
    "Portal 2 is still, as of today, scheduled for a 2012 release"

    Oh GlaDOS, how we missed you.

    I mean, we must have missed. You're still alive, aren't you? Also food for thought. Cake is food.

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