Pretty Girls, Telling Time On Your PSP

Sony's PlayStation Portable has a lot of features: the ability to play games, to run movies, access the internet and more. Does it have beautiful women telling you what time it is? It will soon.

Bijin-Tokei, "Beautiful Woman Clock", is making the leap to the PSP. The clock was previously released on the iPhone — it even did a promotional effort with PS3 title Yakuza 4.

Dubbed Bijin-Tokei Portable, it hits the PlayStation Store in Japan on August 10 and is priced at ¥300, or US$3.40. Bijin-Tokei Portable is packed with 1,000 photos of over 350 models on the streets of Tokyo telling you the time. There are also alarm and background music functions.

The "Kyoto version" expansion pack is also priced at ¥300 and features the women of the former imperial capital.


    Awesome! This or Dreamy Theatre. Hard choice.

    what are the bets that it you own this you also own "cuddle" pillows?

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