Pro-Surfer May Love Gaming Too Much

In a recent interview with Surfer magazine, pro-surfer Bruce Irons proudly told the mag that he's a gamer, just not a World of Warcraft gamer.

"F—k no!" Irons told the writer after he broached the subject of World of Warcraft gaming. "I'm a geek, but I'm not that geeky.... But that other game... Call of Duty. F—k Yeah, I go and fight with kids online."

Irons, surfing's anti-hero, told the magazine that he gets so into his Call of Duty matches that he's had the cops called on him three times. The last time hey showed up asking if he was beating his wife. That's when he decided to cut back on the hobby.

[As read in the Bruce Iron's profile found in July's issue of Surfer]


    Heh. Well games like CoD and BFBC2 do bring out the nerd rage in you.

      *looks at user-name*
      You just won 1 Internet, use it wisely my friend.

        I've been using this username for about five years. It's nice to get some appreciation. *Tear*

    who the hell gets INTO games that much :S

      Not you, obviously.

    I don't mean to jump to conclusions on character judgement, but should such a brute really be A. playing videogames and B. Furthering the public image of gamers in such a negative way?

    The poor things probably retarded.
    I'm not liking this representation of gamers.

    I always get told off by my missus for swearing playing BC2, but she does get a good laugh out of it at the same time. Doesn't help that I play with headphones on, so outwardly it seems like it's just random swearing lol

    +1 to massive BFBC2 rage, especially when you're clearly around the corner of a building and your opponent still manages to nail you with magic smg bullets. It's cool to see that surfers and other legit cool people play shooters as well ;)

    Bullshit story is bullshit.

    Once would be believable.. but 3 tmes.. righto mate, whatever.

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