PS3 Slim Goes White, HDD Increases To 320GB

There are new versions of the PlayStation 3 coming, with new hard drive sizes and new colours. And as is custom, they're hitting Japan first.

First things first: in Japan, the PS3 will cease to be made available in 120GB and 250GB sizes, and instead come in 160GB and 320GB versions. These new models will be released in Japan on July 29, and for the first time will see the PS3 Slim available in two colours: the existing black and "Classic White".

As of now, details on this expansion to the PS3 range have been confined to the Japanese market; we'll update should we hear anything of Sony's plans for the PAL regions or North America.


    Oh, daisies! Wonder if there's any revision to the hardware.

    Classic White? I don't get it.

      It's the Michael Jackson edition...

      The first playstation was white...

        It was Grey (PSX)... The PSone (when it slimmed down) was when they made it white...

      You know... PSX/PSOne colour.

        I remember the classic PSX being grey...

          It was. I thought maybe the original Japanese Playstation was white and it was changed for over seas models (sort of like our SNES). If that is the case then I can't find any pictures of it.
          The only white model I can think of is the PSOne, but that's pretty obscure isn't it? Not the first image that comes to peoples mind when they say Playstation. When you say 'original Playstation' the big gray block comes up, and Playstation in general brings up images of shiney black consoles and handhelds.

          A 'classic white' tag makes sense on a Wii or 360 but not for a PS3. Honestly I'm just a little stumped.

    i can't decide whether or not i like it... :|

      you like it

      Thats cause your hungry, and thinking of toasted sandwiches in a toasty machine, which is what this white ps3 looks like.

    Definitely would've bought a white version if it had've been out when I bought my PS3.

    Would have liked the phat ps3 in white. Never really liked the slim.

    Oh geez, I wanted a PS3 which did not attract dust. This could've been perfect but I already have the black slim :(

    Decided - white no thnx

    Can i has red?

    Can't say I like the console in white though it's not terrible. The controller looks cool in white though.

    Two questions...

    1. Why is it "Classic" White, when the original Playstation 1 was grey?
    2. Why the heck do you need a 320GB hard drive in a PS3?

      In fact the only other console I can think of that was white was the Dreamcast. The SNES had white on it, but it was primarily grey with more of a dirty, off-white colour. Though I think the Super Famicom was primarily white.

        I think it's more in reference to the White PSP

        Also the WII is white.

      Well they aren't going to call it "Cocaine White" now are they? White is a classic colour by nature.

      Anyway, why do you need 320GB in the PS3? Depends on what you use it for...

      Play TV, Movies from PSN, Games from PSN, DLC for Games, Game Installs, Game Patches

      The same question can be asked to any console really... I've got 250GB on mine and I'm just about to max it out and that is with a modest amount of Rock Band & Singstar songs, I prefer to not have to delete game installs to make room for things.

      1. classic "white" is inherently less of a racist statement then classic "black"
      2. fit more pr0n onto your PS3 for your (and whomever) viewing pleasure... That looks grey to you? Wow you must need your eyes checked.

        That's a PS one, or a Playstation Slim.

        THIS is the original PS1. As you can see, it's grey:

      It's called "classic white" because the original Playstation was white in colour. Yours was just so dirty that it looked biege/gray instead >:O!!

      Play TV, Movies, Music, Games & Photos...

      Other assorted media.

      (I have 3Gb free - of 500)

    But think of all the stains and brown marks that will show up on it. =\

      I think we can guess what Blue-Ray films you're watching...

      This is why I changed from tighty whities to dark coloured boxers.

      where exactly do u keep urs like?

    It's bizarro world.

    White PS3s, shiny black Xbox 360s with capacitive buttons. Next you'll tell me they both have motion controls.

    Why dont they sell it with their new interactive wands and call it "WII bit expensive".

    Oh goody! So we've had the 40, 60, 80, 120 and 250Gb consoles, now 160 and 320!!

    I don't think "classic white" is referring to any classic PSX console, it's just the name of the colour.

    why why why... why do they keep advertising 120gb, 160gb PS3 consoles when you can pay for the cheaper version and upgrade it yourself...!

    holy crap do they think the public must be dumb.. or it it just me who isn't???

      So the spec sheet makes it look better than the 360 slim, naturally.

      Sony doesn't think you are stupid. You are stupid, LOL.
      A 40gb PS3 has a processor built to run 40GB.
      A 120GB has a processor built to run 120GB.
      If you put a 250GB 2.5 SAT into a 40GB, it would run VERY slow..
      with HDD space upgrade, you get processor upgrade.

      This Classic White looks awesome. Anyone see the Limited Edition FFXIII Lightning white PS3?

        You can install all different sizes of Hard Drives and this has no effect on the performance of the console. All the (cell) processors in different models are (more or less) the same. The hard disk speed itself can affect performance, but that is dependant on the hard disk itself (eg. 54 000rpm or 72 000rpm). The hard drive also needs to be compatible with the connectors.

    So, Nintendo goes black, and Sony goes white.

    Did they just swap marketing strategies? Or is there just some strange kind of juju or yin/yang going on?

    Man, consoles are all going for colour reversals these days

    It's all a plan to promote Pokemon B&W.

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