Quitting World Of Warcraft

Internet person haiksterbnh spent nearly five years of his life playing World of Warcraft, clocking over 24,000 hours. He created a Level 73 Shaman and a 80 Priest. But after "having no friends...at all", he made an important decision.

In a video he posted on YouTube, the 34-year-old haiksterbnh is apparently giving away all his in-game items and deleting his characters. Sure, he could have sold his account, but deleting everything seems far more cathartic.

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    100 days and one lvl 80...... I'd quit too

      100 days = 2400 hours....

      1000 days = 24,000 hours.

      Personally, I would've tried to sell the account to recoup some of the money that went into those 55 months he played...

      But hey, more power to him for biting the bullet and quitting

    seems like he had a shit load of characters... but only 1 level 80? seems pretty crap... i know ppl with friends that have multiple levels 80's... they are nerdy as fuck but they still do...

    maybe this guy is just a knob lol

    Is it wrong that, after quitting WoW *twice*, I'll probably start playing when the new expansion comes out?
    Either way, there will be no guilt here :P

    Honestly? 1 level 80?

    I've played less and currently have 2 80's and a 51 druid which is on it's way up. I don't really play that often as I attend to stuff in the real world and play only in my down time.

    Blizzard has made the levelling experience so quick as to help out new players that with the amount of time he's stuck into it, I'd expect a bit more (If you're a hardcore player, and this is for those who don't know, it'd take about one week of in-game time with heirloom items to reach max level).

    But oh well, must have been pretty hard, and probably very sad for him to have deleted his characters. Considering he says he has no friends I'd expect that he'd take a lot of comfort in those characters. I guess he's trying to inspire those who've gotten themselves into an obsession with the game and lost touch with the real world to do the same, and to that, I say good on him.

    I'm not a WOW player.
    But I do find it amusing that rather than giving the guy a thumbs up for doing it, you are all bagging him for what he didn't acheive in game.

    He's a winner in my book.

    For all we know, this is probably just one of his accounts. I have the feeling he'll regret this later on. When I 'quit' a year ago, I had a free "first come, first serve" with a couple of my characters, handing over everything to whoever opened trade.

    Ended up crawling back to WoW 6 months later and ~20k poorer.

    pretty naff, not much being said here

    The problem with quitting in tbis manner is that it just doesnt work the way cold-turkey chemical addictions can. He still has all the problems that have gotten him obsessed and addicted in the first place, deleting your account does not fix the problem, it may temporarily stop him from playing but the underlying factors still exist, and he'll probably end up back on. The key is to find other things to do and limit your playtime, you can have your wow and a social life, the two arent mutually exclusive if you have discipline.

      OK so denial is the first stage... 5 more steps and then you're onto acceptance. So hang in there and eventually you will realise MMO and real life can't co-exist. You're just telling yourself that to cope with sticking around.

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