Ratchet & Clank Creators Won't Work On HD Update Of PS2 Games, But...

The Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer is moving on to greener, multiplatform pastures, perhaps the reason Insomniac Games doesn't appear too interested in developing an HD remake of its PlayStation 2 games for the PS3.

But that doesn't mean it's not interested in seeing it happen. The Burbank-based dev said on its Twitter account that "we won't make it, but we'd support Sony if they decided to do it!" - perhaps the most positive sign we're going to get at this stage.

Who could develop it? Sanzaru Games, the developer of The Sly Collection and the PS2 port of Secret Agent Clank, possibly.

Honestly? We're going to have to put a bunch of PlayStation 2 games on the remake wish list well ahead of the console's Ratchet & Clank games. PS3 owners already have two games in the series to enjoy, so let's not get greedy!


    Actually, they have 3 R&C games to enjoy on the PS3 =P

      2 actual games.

      Tools of Destruction & A Crack in Time.

      More like 2.5 games, lol. :)

      Let's say 2.5. Quest for Booty was more like an expansion ;)

    San Andreas remade would be awesome i know there is no chance though

    A ratchet and clank collection would be really cool. Hopefully it will include Gladiator/Deadlocked as well and the size matters and secret agent clank ports would be nice as well.
    I would love to see jak and daxter, GTA collections

    How about backwards compatability so i dont have to buy the fucking games again to play them? (ps2 broke)

      will that get you the updated graphics and trophy support? This isn't *all* about money grabbing.

      PS2's are $100 new... Seems like if it's such a problem, go buy a new PS2...

    Understandable that Insomniac doesn't have the time/resources to spare to do it but its not like having another studio do it would be a problem since its just porting really. Resolution upgrade, trophy support, stick it all on a blu-ray and bam your finished.

    I'm more interested to see the Jak n Daxter games get this treatment.

    I want my backwards compatibility, i have no room to set up the ps2 and my launch ps3 broke so I have the new 120gig with ps2 saves on it that I can't use from my 60gig backup.

    IMO this is awesome news

    i would much rather the studio that makes great games keeps making great games and outscource the upgrades to another studio(if anything maybe sony should set up such a thing kinda like how disney has a remastering group or the BBC has a Doctor who restoring division

    Pretty pointless I believe.

    I mean, what they gonna do upon the next generation of consoles. Upgrade them to support something else?

    It's probably not worth their time nor money considering they won't sell like the originals. Some guys will benefit it and will receive a healthy consumer reaction, but something like R&C HD ports I believe wouldn't.

    I'd much rather see their new work after the failure that was Resistance.

    Yahoooooooooooooooo,I would like play at R&C 1,2,3 and Deadlocked on PS3.Please,Insomniac,DO IT!

    W Ratchet & Clank collection!!!!!!!

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