Real Or Faking?

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees played games with a fan in Times Square yesterday as part of a Madden NFL 11 commercial shoot. Real gaming emotion here? Or acting for the commercial? PIC: Natalie Behring/AP Images for EA SPORTS


    Wow... look at the strain on her face. She is going to be sore tomorrow.


      Nah must be real - they'd be terrible actors if that's fake.

    What you don't see is that thy are just navigating the team select screen.

    I think her breasts are fake...

    Hell, at least they're holding the controllers properly.

    check out the chick in the purple dress to the very far left of the photo. lol.

    "Wait a minute!! What if the contenstant BEATS Brees?!"

    "Oh that's impossible. We've rigged the second controller with a thousand watts of electricity"


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