Remember EA’s “Project Red”?

Remember EA’s “Project Red”?

We know what it is. Sadly, for those hoping it’s the long-rumoured Syndicate remake allegedly in the works at Starbreeze Studios, you’re going to be disappointed.

Back in May we speculated that a game called “Project Red” just rated by the Australian Classification Board could be the game also known as “Project RedLime” which, in turn, was the game also widely believed to be a new Syndicate.

Turns out the truth is not quite as exciting.

“Project Red” is actually Bulletstorm, the Epic Games shooter EA is distributing early next year.

At the time it was submitted for classification, Bulletstorm had yet to be announced by Epic and EA. So EA Australia gave it the codename “Project Red” to avoid any potential leaks.

Sorry, Syndicate fans.


  • This just means that Project Red wasn’t a syndicate remake, not that Starbreeze’s syndicate remake has been scuttled. I hope.

  • Despite loving Syndicate I’m not mad, Bullet Storm looks awesome.

    Plus I wouldn’t want them to mess up Syndicate

  • Not too disappointed – Bullet Storm still looks kick ass!

    besides, i still have Syndicate as part of the EA collection on my PSP 🙂

  • Starbreeze working on Bulletstorm? Makes sense after seeing all the hand to hand and foot to chest action in the game.

    Lets just hope they aren’t working on the multiplayer.

  • no matter… the way I look at it, Starbreze are still working on a “Classic EA franchise”… perhaps all this time, when they were talking about Project RedLime, it was meant to be considered as 2 different projects… Project Red & Project Lime.

    Bring on Project Lime, from Starbreeze who are making Syndicate! :p

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