Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    Tomba! on PSone

    Tomba! This is the only 'Remember This' article where I actually knew the answer.

    Jumping and humping pigs, to save... the day? I don't even remember the plot.

    It was called Tombi in PAL regions I think. I borrowed this off a friend once; I really should have kept it and ditched the friend. :P

    Such an awesome game.

    Oh how I enjoyed Tomba! back on the PS1.

    They should release it on the PSN for the PS3/PSP, I would buy it.

    Yeah, Tombi. PSOne.
    I played the demo of this to death, but couldn't justify getting the full game, as I didn't own the correct console.
    Just fun. So fun.


    I can finally guess one of these things. And even though everyone's said it already, Tombi! I remember playing the demo to death. I think I still might have it. Time to go rummaging for it!

    Hell yeah Tombi was fun :P
    I still have a '98 PS1 Demo Disc with this on it... So much fun. XD

    Even rented Tombi 2 at some stage... :D

    Tombi rules!

    Someone should go back and re-invent the series!

    Finally something I recognise!! Definitely Tomba! on PSOne :D

    Tombi! Also had the demo disk, played it to death and then bought the game and played it to death. Never got my hands on the sequel. How was it?

    Woo hoo, Tombi on PS1. Awesome game and pretty rare here in Australia.

    Yep, Tomba!/Tombi! on the PS1.

    I have the game running on an emulator off an old disk with my PS3 controller hooked to it - it's like I never left the PS1.

    And Tomba 2! is just more of the same, Escalade.

    Tomba! I love this game so much!! <3 Sadly Whoopee Camp the creators of this game all work at separate places now so the odds of a remake/revival/sequel are low but, maybe Sony will hear us out and put it on psn to try and get some excitement and backing for it.

    Yeah, Tomba. xD
    One of my childhood games.

    The Tombi games NEED to be released over the PSN. There's no way I'm forking out $100+ for either of the games, no matter how good they were.

    Whoo-hoo-pee! <3

    Tombi, i loved this game and would definately buy it for the psn. However, the bosses were way too easy!

    I was only talking about this game 2 days ago! I only ever played the demo, but it was awesome

    Tombi! I know I'm late but I finally know one.
    I remember playing the demo of this several times back in the day when demos came on discs.

    One of the best games ever made for me - Tombi! (or Tomba)

    Tombi! Awesome!
    Never got to play the full version. I only played it on a demo disc, but it was awesome fun!

    I just bought tomba 1 and 2 for 20 bucks today I feel like a million bucks:)

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