Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    That's Fade to Black

    Alpha Protocol


        Made me Lol too.

          I would get Alpha Protocol because the game looks totally awesome. But the only cheap copies of the game I can find are preowned. Anyone know of any good deals on a new copy of the game.

            Jump on ebay and look for a place called gameshop australia (who are obviously based in england), they've got good cheap stuff that works on local consoles & reasonable postage. You have to wait but the difference between a new game for $60 vs a new game for $110 is worth a week or 2 waiting

            If you're willing to wait a week, it's <$40 new for any system from

    It reminds me of Bioforge, but i'm 90% sure it isn't...

    It's fade to black

    Fade to Black on PS 1.
    The awesome sequel to Flashback.

    This was one of my first adventure games on PC.

    I remember it being really hard but that might have been because it had really bad controls. The story was super cool though.

      I totally second Palstran on remembering it was really hard but blaming the controls. One of the first games I ever bought, albeit as a christmas present for my brother who wasn't into gaming at all. Bowling ball called Homer comes to mind...

      The controls were really fiddly, like a lot of those early 3D games were, especially those that required you to do more than move and shoot.

    Dammit, finally know one of the games and I miss being first. Loved Fade to Black. If there is a game that needs a sequel/remake it's it.

    Most definately Jazz Jackrabbit.

      LOL! Everytime! One day it will be Qumulys, one day

    Yep, Fade to Black, Still got my copy for the PC at home somewhere.

    Was fade to black the first over the shoulder shooter?? I think i got this in 95

    This was the first game I owned on the Playstation. I remember thinking the FMV sequences were the best shit I'd ever seen. Can't imagine they'd hold up too well today though.

    It's Golden Axe warrior on Master System...Or at least it and every other game should be

    Easy one
    Fade to Black - Playstation 1

    this one i know, fade to black, kind of a spiritual successor to flashback i think? thats conrad isnt it?

    i remember having to go to a friends place to play it (I didnt have a pc) as i swiped a demo cd that was on the cover of some pc mag which had the first level on there.

      Man, the only other guy referencing Flashback!

      That game was pure awesome, and made us sit up and take notice. Fluid video-like animation without CD-ROM?! IMPOSSIBLE! XD :)

    The DOS version was fantastic. A really interesting and different adventure game for the time. I remember the DOS installer showed off some nice 3D animation to get you pumped.

    remember how when you died the game cut to a FMV for a death sequence.

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