Report: Crazed Harry Potter Fan Stabs Comic-Con Attendee In Face

Comic-Con went a little insane today when a Harry Potter-loving attendee reportedly stabbed another man in the face with a pen at the convention center's massive Hall H. That alleged attack went down following today's Resident Evil: Afterlife panel.

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly on the incident, San Diego police arrested the alleged attacker after he was subdued by attendees. Another report on the matter from MTV says that the victim in the attack was attempting to hold a seat for a friend.

George Roush, a reporter for Latino Review, captured video of the alleged attacker being hauled off by police, the source of the snap above.


    He must have been in Slytherin

      looks like a filthy mud-blood

    Wow... who thought Harry potter fans were the first fanboys to snap.

    The dark one who serves the Dark Lord.

    lol what does his liking of Harry Potter have to do with what happened?

      maybe somebody said ____ about the new harry potter game

      Yeah, I hate that shit. I know the article doesn't MEAN to make it sound this way, but any moral guardian could interpret that headline as "Harry Potter makes fan stab Comic-Con attendee in face" if they were looking for a way to demonize Harry Potter. You should be careful what you say.

    ah this is no fun without the details =(

    Hope the other dude is alright.

    Made geeks and African-Americans look horrible in one fell swoop.

    Bra-FRAKKING-vo. -_-

    "That alleged attack went down following today’s Resident Evil: Afterlife panel." --- "Christ that was awful... someone gouge out my eyes!!!" "Happy to oblige!"

    I got stabbed in the face with a pen over a video game once, the guy couldn't speak English though. Maybe it's a metaphor?

    Who let Kanye West in? That's what you get for stealing his seat that he deserves!

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