Report: How PSPs Are Smuggled Into China

For years now, PlayStation Portables have been smuggled into China. The government has turned a blind eye as has Sony, reports a Chinese news site.

According to Chinese news site EEO, some estimates put half of the PSPs sold ending up in the Chinese market. That number does seem rather steep. However, these contraband PSPs could ultimately be helping Sony's bottom line.

Sony has released several iterations of the PSP, none of which have legally gone on sale in China due to the country's game console ban. The manufacture of Sony's PSPs have been outsourced to Chinese factories.

China's EEO quotes one gamer as stating that the majority of smuggled PSPs come from Shenzhen City in the country's south. The area is home to numerous factories, including the Foxconn facilities which have come under fire for a rash of recent employee suicides.

Local venders go to Hong Kong, where the PSP is legally sold through Sony's Hong Kong branch. The portables are then taken back to Beijing to be sold. According to EEO's report, customs officials in Dallan City and Xiamen City have, in recent years, seized smuggled PSPs.

The reason why Sony's PSP is not legally available in China is because the government has yet to approve the sale of the device. Kotaku recently explored this phenomena in a previous post.

One electronics dealer in Beijing tells EEO that the widespread, illegal PSP trade could be responsible for increased sales. However, a professor at A professor of China University of Political Science and Law tells the site that the prevalent PSP smuggling ultimately hurts Chinese consumers and the healthy growth of the country's domestic game industry.

经济观察网-专业财经新闻网站 [EEO via Trading Markets][Pic]


    You know.. while I was there only some 2 weeks ago..
    I saw a PS3 in NanJing with Red Dead Redemption plugged up to it, the guy behind the counter was playing it.

    U guys make it sound like as if PSPs are being 'smuggled' in like narcotics...

    Consoles are banned? No way... Why?

    It sounds to me though like its a rule not readily enforced...

      There's an article somewhere on Kotaku(I think they already linked it) saying that consoles are banned because the government believes it corrupts the minds of their young children.

      Even though the majority of jobs gained in china are through connections, the kids are made to study hard(probably combination of the number of people in a city, and one child policy) its probably a given that the parents would heavily enforce the rule themselves, the government is probably 'enforcing' it to ensure the parents something will be done.

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