Report: Mario Creator Wants To Develop An All-New Character, Get Pikmin 3 Done Quickly

A new 3D take on Super Mario World may not be the only thing on Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto's mind these days. Nintendo's famous game designer may also have plans for an all-new character and a sooner-than-you-think Pikmin sequel.

Miyamoto reportedly said that, since it's been 10 years since his last original character creation, Captain Olimar and the Pikmin of... Pikmin, he'd like to create someone new. Miyamoto said so at an investor Q&A in Japan earlier today, where he also is said he wants to get that long-promised Pikmin sequel out and revealed his current interest in swimming.

So think swimming thoughts for the creator of Zelda and Mario's next.

In non-Miyamoto news, Nintendo may also add a timer to the Nintendo 3DS that will track a player's play time, similar to software built into the Wii. Works for us!

Shigeru Miyamoto Has Been Swimming [Andriasang]


    Wii Swimming.

    A new character?? Prepare for Nintendo to fire you, Mr Miyamoto!

    His new games are always based of his current interests, if he's looking for a new character and he's currently swimming a lot I imagine we're looking at a fully underwater game with a dolphin or a not-real animal.

    New character.....
    Mr Miyamoto, in, Centrelink. in search of job.

    Why would Nintendo fire him for a new character which can probaly become a franchise. Almost everything this guy touches seems to turn gold. Remember the horror that was Wii Music.

    You don't kill the Goose that lays the Golden eggs because you get one or two rotten ones.

    Donkey Kong, Mario, Link, Captain Olimar. All have good games under there belt. What makes you think a new character is going be crap

    Well, nobody could have thought of Pikmin if told Miyamoto was interested in gardening, so I'm sure that if swimming inspires him this time, we'll still be blown away by his originality.

    I'm getting a vision of a new little character like Olimar, wearing a diving helmet. lol.
    A mix between Olimar and Big Daddy? haha.

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