Review Round-Up: Lego Light Spank Danger Quest

Let's rank the games Kotaku reviewed in order of positivity to negativity, starting with the game we liked least and ending with our most lavishly praised game of the week.

The Silver Lining: Episode 1 Micro-Review: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Colder "Yet all the enthusiasm and savings in the world can't stop this debut chapter from being a dreadful adventure game, coming across as little more than interactive fan fiction for King's Quest fans. If that's all you're after, you'll love it, but I was hoping for a little more game with this episode."

Flametail Review: Space Burn "It's like you're playing Snake and the snake is both on fire and on the verge of being caught by the tail."

Joe Danger Review: Touch The Sky "It's a novel experiment in genre blending that for the most part succeeds, and is a great game to recommend to people looking for a PlayStation Network title that's a little brighter and cheerier than many of the platform's other digital exclusives."

DeathSpank Review: Best Game Involving A Purple Thong "How rare it is to play a game in which I want to speak to every person in a town because I want to hear more silly chatter."

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 - 4 Review: The Best LEGO Game to Date "While I've enjoyed all of the LEGO games to date, until now Star Wars has always been my favourite. As blasphemous as it sounds, Harry Potter manages to unseat it."

DeathSmiles Review: Shmup Complex "I'd argue that slowdown in Cave shooters is one of the most cinematic moments in all of gaming. You feel for those very brief moments that reality is crawling to a halt as well. Cave reproduced that slowdown as an "effect" in DeathSmiles. "

Art Style: light trax Review: We're Just Dots In The Stream "It's as much puzzle game as it is racing game, a chance to feel like you're watching a Tron lightcycle match from the nosebleed section."


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