Rockstar Has Low-Down Dirty Red Dead Redemption Cheaters In Its Sights

Just because the Old West was full of no-good cheatin' scoundrels doesn't mean Red Dead Redemption's online multiplayer has to be. Rockstar plans to roll out a title update that will end cheating and griefing once and for all.

Red Dead Redemption is a hell of a lot of fun to play online, at least until the cheaters and griefers show up. Nothing sucks worse than having your online match ruined by a gunman whose aim is too good to be true, and many a Free Roam session has been marred by griefers who'd rather kill you dead than posse up.

Well those days are over as soon as Rockstar rolls out its next title update, due out within the next month.

The update will include countermeasures to hacking and cheating, and anyone detected to be cheating by Rockstar will be banned from online play for a period to be determined by the developer.

As for griefers, not only will the update give players being griefed the option to flee to another area, the griefers are in for a world of hurt should they continue to take innocent players' lives. Once they reach a six kill streak in free roam, they'll become the Most Wanted. Players will be alerted that a player-killer is in their midst, and NPC lawmen will go after the offender in droves.

Seems to me that sort of mechanic might only encourage griefers to see how long they can survive. I reckon we'll find out once the update comes.

Cheaters in Our Sights [Rockstar]


    Will that new griefers patch make it a lot easier to get the Most Wanted achievement? I was at 9 minutes before some prick threw a fire bottle at me and I rolled off a cliff. :(

    This is long overdue. I havent touched this game in ages beccause of this crap. Might actually get around to finishing it.

      You're not gonna finish it if you're in multiplayer getting griefed. Just sayin'

        Unless by finishing it, he means getting 100% in achievements / trophies, just sayin' ;)

    lol great move by rockstar, it might not work as they are hoping, but its the best option that they have.

    But what if i'm hunting griefers and get a 6 kill streak from them!? :P

    In some games there are ways that greifers can kill you without actually being noted as the cause of the death. Can this happen in RDR?

    Thank frak for this. The recent XBL event was crappier due to all the griefers shooting people for no reason.
    (Even a guy I HELPED shot me in the back Tannen/Brown style!)

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