Rockstar Re-Releasing The Greatest Grand Theft Auto Of Them All?

Curiously, a new rating turned up yesterday on Australia's Classification Board website for a game that was first released nearly eight years ago. Wonder why that would be?

As you can see below, the rating is fresh as of yesterday, for what's tagged as a "modified" version of the classic Grand Theft Auto title Vice City. There's little else of use to be gained from the rating (the "Multi Platform" bit is often inaccurate on Aussie ratings).

Vice City was never banned in Australia, and has already been released in both standard and budget editions on the PC, Xbox and PS2. For a new rating to turn up, this is probably a version of the classic - which I think is the best Grand Theft Auto ever made - for a new platform.

It would be very interesting if this was a PlayStation Network re-release, as downloadable PS2 games have been something gamers have been crying out for ever since Sony gutted backwards compatibility from newer models of the PlayStation 3.

And if it's available on the PSN, could it also be available on Xbox Live Arcade? It's not like the 360 is without precedent for such a thing... (even if Microsoft seems to have gone cold on the idea of digging up older games).

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    A remake of Vice City in GTA 4 style? Please?! COUNT ME IN!

      IDK the graphics in that game are still what makes it enjoyable to me the more realistic like world of GTA4 was one of the things that were there instead of the substance and enjoyability that VC had

    it's funny when a game like this gets MA. 8 years ago, this game was really pushing boundries in classification. In comparison to games released now, this should be rated M15+.

      It actually should have been rated 18+ then and now.
      Maybe some day when we have a 18+ category.

      Just because it becomes more common doesn't mean that it has any less impact and should be rated lower.

    3DS Vice City!

    Damn straight best GTA of all time. Suck it San Andreas zealots!

    Wait what Vice City? Why Vice City? IIRC Vice City had better graphics than San Andreas and 3 so I would have picked either of those.

    But it's probably just a port anyway.

    Please, this is SO OBVIOUS to anyone who paid attention to the game. Finally a credible source for this, good show Kotaku!

    We're going after the DIAMONDS folks!

    Jerry opened Gun Stores in Vice City, and we're going to add them to our EMPIRES in the spirit of, that's what Vice City is about!


    Now hopefully people will understand:

    1: Diamonds are forever
    2: Dominican player in BoGT and Vice City FM Duh
    3: Why else would the game slowly turn to VC in the episodes if not to transition to it in the world?


    Come on, the map is the star, but not like that - the Whole map, each generation is a new iteration of the Home of Media: NYC, MIAMI, AND WEST COAST

    Yes, I am over excited about something insignificant, but I love the exact way these guys make these games. Claude and GTA III are so much like GTA IV and Niko it is uncanny. And not to mention LCS is just like IV. Can't wait for SA TBH.

      Halo takes place on the halo?
      You are indeed so knowledgeable!

      its actually on Earth, mainly

      "We’re going after the DIAMONDS folks!"

      So you didn't see Ballad of Gay Tony where the homeless bum ends up with the Diamonds at the end???

    I'm torn on this one, as to what I would want it to be. Part of me says it would be great if they re-release it in it's current PS2 form on PSN, the other part says, I'd love to have HD graphics on a game like this. But in any case it looks like something is happening, perhaps Rockstar are moving to the 'Vice City' world for GTA games from now on. Maybe a modern day Miami or something like that. Where on earth is 'Agent' though, seems almost like vapour ware!

    Rockstar Watch has apparently noticed this as well.

    All of the games have had Macintosh added to their platforms on the ESRB website.

    Also, doesn't this seem a bit strange?

    Apparently the game somehow got more violent.

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a fucked up way to spell Grand Theft Auto 2.

    Call me crazy, but I highly doubt that our Australian OFLC is the best source for credible rumors about worldwide releases. Surely if a vice city re-release was on its way, we would have heard about it elsewhere first?

    The OFLC is backwards enough as it is about video games. It's probably just an error or a mis-dated re-classification. I'm guessing old titles like this get re-classified from time to time, especially if they get complaints or if certain guidelines change.

    if true... and it was a PSN title... it prob won't b avail on XBLA in Aus... we miss out on a few rockstar things in aus via digital distribution for some unknown bloody reason

    Vice City "the greatest"? Pfft. I'll say it's the worse of the 3D gen of the GTA games.
    Shoddy controls as well as some crappy missions.

    Vice City was a evolution and not a revolution of GTA III.
    San Andreas was a very impressive game and IMO considered the best of the 3D GTAs.
    GTA IV doesn't even come close to the variety offered.

    However I did enjoy Vice City Stories which was heaps better than Liberty City Stories.
    Need to play Chinatown Wars though, but haven't decided if I should get the PSP or DS version.

    Well this is good news, Vice City has always been my favourite GTA as well.

    GTA SA Was The Best Game of All Time All It Needs Now Is a Few Gta4 upgrades And the Would be sold out in the first few dayz

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