Roommate Charged In Murder, Dismemberment Of Thundercats Writer

Florida police charged James "Jimmy" Davis in the gruesome murder of former Thundercats writer Stephen Perry (pictured here), who went missing from his Florida home in May and was reported dead later that month.

Authorities found Perry's arm and torso in two separate locations since the writer's disappearance and today charged Davis with first-degree murder of the former writer, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Tribune.

Zephyrhills, Florida police chief David Shears called the case "unusual and complex," according to the Tribune, which reported that authorities still do not have a motive for the killing. The paper reports that drug and money issues could be a factor.

Davis was already being held in a Land O' Lakes, Florida jail on a drug trafficking charge.

Davis and his wife, who is considered by police as a person of interest in the slaying, had been roommates of Perry. Krystal Carroll, who had a child with Perry, said that the writer wanted to kick them out.

Carroll told the paper that the murder charge gave her some feeling of closure to what has obviously been a terrible situation.

Perry wrote several episodes of the hit '80s cartoon Thundercats.

Former roommate charged with murder in death of comic book writer [Tampa Bay Tribune, thanks Ray.]


    Sounds like a love triangle to me - the worst kind of love polygon!


    It was probably Mumm-Ra.

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