Rumour: Microsoft Killed Plans For "PC Vs Xbox 360" Online Play

The founder of Voodoo PC, Rahul Sood, says that Microsoft once floated the idea of implementing cross-platform play between the PC and Xbox 360 for a range of titles. Thing is, testing didn't go so well.

The proposal, part of Microsoft's LIVE push, popped up "many many months ago", and would have allowed people playing games available on both PC and 360 - like Gears of War - to take each other on. Kind of like 2007 shooter Shadowrun, only people would actually play it.

Problems quickly arose in testing, however, when Microsoft found that even the best console gamers simply couldn't compete with the accuracy a mouse and keyboard afforded a PC player. "The console players got destroyed every time", Sood says. "So much so that it would be embarrassing to the XBOX team in general had Microsoft launched this initiative."

I know it sounds silly, and in light of Microsoft's recent abandonment (Fable III excepted) of the PC like a thing of the past, but I'd have liked to see this succeed. Sure, it would have had teething problems, but that's what science is for: to test, repair and improve things. I'm sure eventually a nice compromise could have been worked out, if not for competitive play, then at least for the casual user.

Console Gamers Get Killed against PC Gamers [Rahulsood, via Gizmodo]


    Yeah, the picture is a perfect representation.
    Mouse beats stick in gaming everytime.
    Still, it would be fun to prove to make all those abusive players on halo where the game should have always been.

      Definitely needs to be implemented with the restriction of requiring a controller when the two play together.

    You know, I was going to come in here and joke that "kb+m >> crappy controller aim" in a implied PC-better-than-console argument, but, uh, well, yeah.
    Okay then.
    Job done.

    Also saw this at Gizmodo. -Ofcourse controllers cant match the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard, if they wanted too they should release an update for the 360 allowing some FPS games to be played with a mouse and keyboard, but I dont know. -Heck I'm still deciding if I should get Black Ops and Medal of Honor on 360 or PC.

    Never understood why its against the rules to plug a keyboard and mouse into a console... it CAN be done. Why not let it, for the hardcore folks? We have the 'casual' vs 'hardcore' aiming modes in multiplayer games like Red Dead now... would be easy to do a similar division based on input device.

      UT3 for the PS3 has this option, but IIRC there is another option when hosting matches to make it controller only matches....
      fragfx ftw ;)

      If you plug a keyboard into the Xbox 360 you can use the Windows button to access the in game dashboard, use the arrows to navigate, and you can type messages that way.

    Competitive multiplayer would be out but surely there would be a bonus to put this into cooperative multiplayer like Resident Evil 5 and the like.

    Not all games are shooters - shame about lack of cross play on SF4 PC and Xbox :/

      that would require sony and microsoft working together... its not going to happen.
      also PSN is free and live isnt.

        How would cross platform support between the Xbox and PC versions of Street Fighter 4 require Sony's support?

    Maybe this would be more successful with racing games, where accuracy is less important.

    They should still let it be an option. You could choose to play on a console only server or a cross platform one if you are feeling like a challenge.

    Microsoft, let us choose how we play, don't be an over bearing parent figure and dictate to us how to play our games.

      but what motivation is there for PC players to play with the console guys

      youd end up with a bunch of guys looking for a challenge thinking there playing PC players or w8ing for them to show up

      who wants to play TDM with 3 guys playing on consoles on there team its just not gonna end well

    You can get an adapter that lets you plug a kb/m into a 360 controller and map the buttons to whatever keys you want. My mate got one off ebay and played halo with it, apparently it works fairly well.

    I reckon it depends on the game.
    Some genres, mostly shooters, obviously the mouse + keyboard combo would win.
    Other genres, like racing, I reckon the analogue sticks would win, unless the PC counterpart had a wheel.
    I'd definitely like to see more of it.

    Repeat after me: This is on FPS only.

      Also at RTS games, which time has proven will never work as well on a console. Also any game where text entry is a viable communication option.

    Still, it would've been nice to see it implemented. There are situations where players don't have to shoot at each other you know. Coop games, non FPS games, they all would've been great with cross platform play.

    I remember back during the time of the original Xbox there was a thing about an experiment a bunch of guys ran where they got Xbox players to take on PC players to test out cross-platform gaming like this, while sitting on the sidelines being able to tweak options as they go to balance it. And then they were all surprised to find the console players were kicking the PC players' arses from the start.

    And for those who find controller better than keymouse? These tested conditions probably involved a bunch of PCfans handling a console. I've no doubt there exist competent console players out there who could hold their own. Seems like a cover excuse.

      Actually, as it states, the study involved competent PC players playing against competent console players. I have played PC AND console my whole life and no controller has ever matched the accuracy of my 5400 dpi mouse. Mice are just faster and more accurate, it's that simple. Think of trying to edit or trace a photo in photoshop with a controller, it would be almost impossible. I understand some people can't afford gaming PC's, but if you can then I suggest getting one if you're an avid gamer. PC gaming makes consoles look like a toy.

    The sticks, whilst obviously not as accurate or as responsive as kb+m, are kind of like the regulations that ban turbochargers and active suspension in Formula One.
    It levels the playing field around a common point. Instead of a select few buying ridiculously expensive peripherals to gain a slight advantage in competition everyone competes with the same, albeit slightly mediocre, standard of control.

    I played shadowrun =D

    I really love that picture. I wonder if it'd be possible to get a blown up poster of it.

    You see this is why console sucks.

    Hey, it would be good if it were PC controller gamers could vs xbox gamers, i mean like, not all games are compatible with controllers and it may seem unfair but its probably the only good thing to do.
    I.E. Steam/PC gamers with controllers are only compatible with versing xbox players.

    Only would work if the game knows that you have a controller plugged in.

    I hate it wen console gags say sticks have better movement than kb Nd m because Wasd doesn't have diagonal mivements WTF do u think the mouse us for

    WARNING! Deathadder eats all controllers!

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