Samus Will Get You Interested In Wonder Festival

This summer in Japan, like the summer before it and the summer before it, will see Wonder Festival. What's the big deal about Wonder Festival? Well, do you see this figure of Samus from Metroid? Do you like it?

Wonder Festival, AKA Wonfes, is figurine event. Some of the figurines will be like this Samus one. Some won't. Some will be of characters you have never heard of. And some will be incredibly NSFW. Wonder Festival runs the gamut.

Like the Mega-Man figure we posted previously, consider this Samus figure a sampling. A delicious sampling. Yum.

This 16cm Samus Gravity suit will be released on July 25 as a Wonder Festival exclusive. Yours for ¥12,000 ($135).

Dimension Diver Samus Gravity Suit colour resin kit [Tokyo Hunter]



    I would kill for one of those figures, and pay stupid amounts of money for one... please let me have that chance!

    As epic as this is, and how obvious it should be for nintendo to mass market this, Wonder Festival items are very short in stock and don't run higher than around maybe 5000 units. If this is $135 US then expect to pay around $200 via ebay if your lucky enough to find one.

    Anyone else think it looks like one of those toys of a populer character you find at a $2 store that's painted the wrong colours?

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