Saw 3D's Eyeball Poster Looks Disturbingly Familiar

Looks like Sony's Kevin Butler character isn't the only ad campaign inspiring an imitator. This new Saw 3D movie poster is a little too close to an older PlayStation 3 spot for comfort. Can you spot the similarities?

I suppose I could just ask, "Do you have functioning eyes?"

Saw 3D—the torture slasher horror flick previously known as Saw VII—sports an eye-popping resemblance to one of Sony's old "This Is Living" print ads. spotted the likeness and called it "interesting." Movie site JoBlo went a bit further in calling it a "blatant rip-off."

The following is a PS3 ad that dates back to 2007.

What do you think? Shocking coincidence or shameless swipe?

Thanks for the heads up, David.


    Thanks for the eye opener, David!

      Terrible. Absolutely terrible xD

      Anyway, interesting, but it should be noted that the idea of chaining someone to something by the foot and giving them a saw is, in itself, a rip from Watchmen (the graphic novel) when Rorschach chains a guy to a boiler, hands him a hacksaw he used to kill a little girl, and lights the house on fire. Now that's efficient!

        "the idea of chaining someone to something by the foot and giving them a saw is, in itself, a rip from Watchmen"
        Go watch Mad Max man, predates Watchmen by... a good few years.

          The creators of Saw said they got the idea from mad max anyway...

          true true

          Touche, I seem to have blocked memory of all Gibson movies from my head :P


    Isn't Lionsgate Sony Pictures anyway? So technically they're ripping off themselves :P

      Sony companies still operate pretty much independently tho. Sharing the brand does not automatically make them bedfellows. Some Sony Pics movies/shows do not even come out on BluRay at the same time as DVD.

    Could be subconscious, but I imagine it's either the same guy did both and got lazy or someone who decided it had been three years and no-one would notice.

    i thought you were referring the eye to the overmind in starcraft

      That's what I thought, too... It's starcraft week after all.

      looks a lot like the Neversoft logo that was used in the tony hawk games

    Yup it's a rip off but wtf isn't nowadays?

    I give the guy cred its a frackin top notch design that still would have taken a crap load of work to bring together and he's improved it on top of what sony had done.

      My thoughts exactly

    Eh, not a very original piece of art in the first place, could easily have been coincidence.

    I actually just think the same person drew both pictures. I mean Sony Pictures and LionsGate work together quite often.

    ya know with the tagline, it actually works a lot better in the Saw ad. I mean all the traps and shit popping out of the eye goes with "In eye popping 3D"

    what the fuck did it have to do with PS3 and the "This is living" tag?

    Its not like sony have not ripped off other peoples work before.

    Im a victim myself of sony not being all that subtle about ripping other peoples work.

    Total rip-off. But not that I'd know if this wasn't posted.

      So true. Unless the production company got lazy and just pulled up and old file and recoloured some part - somebody's gonna get fiiirrreeed!!

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