Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Vs. Comic-Con

The comic book series may have reached its end, but fortunately the video game adventures of Scott Pilgrim kick off in August. This new Comic-Con trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is too awesome to miss.



    River City Ransom much?

    I love that game.

      Yeah, the similarity is no coincidence. Its openly been described as a spiritual sequal to River City Ransom.

    It must be a good game. It won a award in a category it shouldn't be in. PS3 exclusive

      Huh? Considering it is actually a PS3 exclusive, what are you trying to say?

      That it *should* be on XBLA or some other format as well, or that it's not a PS3 exclusive (which it is)?

      Double huh?

        It's a timed exclusive. It's coming out on XBLA later. So yeah, it's a bit weird.

        Anyway, DAY ONE PURCHASE. Although one question still lingers: where the hell is Wallace!?

          Huh! Well, colour me misinformed. It doesn't really help when Kotaku tags it with 'psn' but not 'xbla' in that case.

          But good to hear anyway.

    All post say 'Coming to PSN' but I've not seen if this is both PS3 and PSP (hoping latter, I don't want to actually check as I am sure I will be disappointed)

      Ok, so I checked. Very Disappointed!

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