Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Party And Giveaway

Scott Pilgrim vs The World isn't just a comic book, movie and video game, for one brief night at E3 it was also a party.

Check out this video from the event and don't feel too bad if you missed it, we missed it too.


    They better give me +2 against girls.

    I have commented and hope to be randomly opicked tomorrow.

    ARGH! I can't watch this at work - looks like I'll have to wait until tonight to check out the action.

    I'd love a shirt like those. Been a fan of O'Malley's series for a few years now, since the release of the second book and am definitely gonna download the new PSN game.

    It's probably not valid in Aus :(

    Kick arse clip tho :D

    We need more 8-bit on t-shirts!

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