See Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Aquaman Get Brave And Bold

When a utility belt filled with Bat shark repellent isn't enough, Batman and Robin call in the big guns. Watch two of DC Comics' greatest heroes and Aquaman lending a helping hand in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Oh I kid Aquaman. He is a powerful super hero, and not one that should be discounted just because he loses effectiveness outside of water. There is plenty of water evil for him to fight. Why, he could have been invaluable in helping cap the Gulf oil leak, if he weren't busy trying to figure out why he can only control dead fish in the pages of The Brightest Day mini-series.

Sure, Captain Marvel embodies the power of seven different gods, and Green Lantern's powers are only limited by his imagination. Can they make whales show up on demand?

I didn't think so.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is due out this spring for the DS and Wii.


    I do love 2D side-scroller's but this one is clearing aimed at the younger player and would unlikely hold my attention. Would have been good as a Robot Chicken Mature title. Aquaman, seriously, that guy is weak, Pikachu could kill that dude instantly just by pissing in the water.

    The Brave and The Bold version of Aquaman is the best representation of the character yet. They make up for his lack of compelling abilities by having him be such a lovable smarmy jerk of a character.

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