See Halo: Reach's Forge World In Action

Halo 3's Forge mode - the game's editing suite - is in for a serious revamp when Halo: Reach is released in September.

As Mike saw earlier today at Comic-Con, Halo: Reach has replaced Forge with Forge World, a vastly improved editing tool that not only lets players craft much larger maps, but also have a much more detailed method of interacting with them.

As an example, there will be multiplayer maps shipping on Reach's disc that were created using only Forge World. And that's from a dev team under crunch to get a game shipped. When the community get their hands on it, I expect amazing things to happen.


    This is going to be HUGE!

    One whole world as a map, and having sections of the world that can be used for different gametypes will add to more streamlined experiences.

    Seriously can't wait!

    ...HOLY F_____ S____!!!!!!! Thats is incredible!! Hats off to Bungie, its great to see them finishing off halo with a real bang.


    The mind is already spinning thinking of the kinds of maps you can generate with this. I can just see the forge community exploding with excitement.

    The community went crazy with forge for H3.
    Indiana Jones themed maps with traps, JENGA like game types, the list goes on.

    I am frothing at the mouth in anticipation as to what will come out of the new tools and power of Forge World.


    seriously, oh my god. This game is going to be insane!!!

    I love you Bungie.

      Forge World = Win
      Reach = Win
      Bungie = Win

    Is it just me, or does this seem to even overshadow LBP2?

    In other words: Ho. Lee. Crap.

    No longer spending hours trying to get ONE block lined up with 3 others... thankgod! I know what it feels like.

    Forge was amazing - but sometimes my patience was tested too often. I can see myself getting lost in this world and I honestly don't care If I stay there!

    I'm so glad there is a bit of everything for everyone with Reach. Campaign, Firefight, Forge, Multiplayer. It's massive and going to be huge. I don't care about the whinging from gamers who prefer single player games - Reach is a game that needs to be reviewed as a whole. Not just one or two things.

    I thought I was most excited about Firefight MATCHMAKING, but that video just blew me away.

    This time they had the time to make a proper forge. Rather then throw it in within 1 month before shipping

    Just make sure you include LAN play guys, if you pull a Forza 3 on me, I'll go nuts.

    PS> This looks truly effin amazing! And oddly reminds me of many a fond evening/early morning playing tribes...

    I respect how Bungie and Microsoft resist tinkering with the core Halo mechanic too much. Instead, they create and refine technical innovations that push the FPS genre (and all games) into new territory.

    I believe it but I'm a fan too.

    All that comes to mind?

    Well done Bungie.

    Well done.

    You camein with a bang with Halo.

    You're going out with a bang with Halo Reach.

    I wasn't a giant fan of Halo 3, I felt quite let down to be honest, it felt like Halo 2.5. This feels like the real Halo game I've been waiting for!

    Well done Bungie, well done!

    Being a PC gamer I'm not a big fan of halo, but for a console level editor that looks bloody decent.

    So, it's basically just Garys Mod?

      Ive used GMod but I think this looks much easier to use.

    My mind was just blown, and I'm not saying that lightly. I think I might need to go to the hospital.

    im just jacking off to this shit AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 ONE ONE ONE!!!

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