See Two Dead Twisted Metal Games With Wildly Different Concepts

David Jaffe of Eat Sleep Play and co-creator of the new Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 revealed two game proposals that will likely never see reality at Comic-Con today. One was post-apocalyptic, the other unexpectedly street culture and hip-hop infused.

One of those titles was codenamed Twisted Metal: Apocalypse. Jaffe showed artwork of a decimated world, including levels that would have been set in a destroyed Mt Rushmore environment and one set in a massive crater. That crater level, Jaffe said, was something of a throwback to The Dome level from a previous entry in the series.

The other game, which Eat Sleep Play didn't name, would have featured a more realistic looking cast, including a Sweet Tooth that was more of a smooth criminal than a psychopathic clown. The prospect received a mixed reaction from the standing room only crowd.

The rest of the cast in this game would have included yakuza, FBI agents, street gangs and other characters more grounded in reality than those of the Twisted Metal series we're familiar with.

Jaffe name-checked Rockstar Games' Midnight Club series when describing the look and feel of this aborted Twisted Metal experiment.

The non-apocalyptic Twisted Metal would have featured environments based on this concept artwork. Unfortunately, Jaffe said, it was too difficult to accurately portray these environments in their game and the result was too bland. As for the post-apocalyptic twist on Twisted Metal, Jaffe said that the Eat Sleep Play team seemed fond of the idea, but hinted that it was nixed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Perhaps due to the impending release of MotorStorm: Apocalypse?


    They should remake the first. They hadnt spread the contest around the world yet and you were trashing areas of l.a. The music was also tense and creepy.. It was dark like black but more serious and realistic in a way. I would have hated the hip hop one, so thank god it was canned but the apocalpse was a good idea.

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