Sega Does What Nintendon’t (Namely, Make Money)

Sega Does What Nintendon’t (Namely, Make Money)

While Nintendo managed to lose a cool $US290 million USD this past quarter (for very good reasons), its one-time rival Sega actually managed to have a showing in the black.

Or, rather, its parent company Sega Sammy Holdings did. Because without all those yen flowing in from the company's pachinko business, Sega could have had a less impressive quarter. Sega's consumer division, the part that sells video games for consoles and PCs, saw "firm" sales according to the company.

Sega's major releases during the three month period, Alpha Protocol and Iron Man 2, were "slow." Sega sold 700,000 copies of Obsidian's espionage RPG, while the movie tie-in for Iron Man 2 moved a cool 1.12 million copies.


  • Sega would make alot more money if they used some of the franchises from the Mega Drive that were good.

    Ristar, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Ecoo, Kid Chameleon, VectorMan and the rest.

    It’s just that they either bring them back and don’t stick to the original formula (I’m looking at you Beast Rider) or they focus on newer Sonic Team titles like that thing with the monkey, or that other thing with the monkeys. I’m all good with Sonic, Sonic is there mascot and even though I admit I didn’t like Sonic ’06 and some more of his recent efforts, Sonic was the first game I ever had back in 1991 so yeh… he’s a gaming icon. But what the hell is with Space Channel 5 and those monkey games always being given a spotlight rather then mega drive gems. Sega could easilly make money if it brought back those titles.

    sigh, oh Sega, what have you done…

    PS: Not all new sega games are bad at all, Valkyria Chronicles kicks ass. 😀

  • Sega has been involved in so many game franchises now that they have the gaming experience and expertise required to, possibly, re-enter into the console realm with a fresh start and new games.
    1. Sega, you must do this, for humanity.
    2. What would your most wanted new Sega console be?

  • I was really excited to buy alpha protocol and give it a go. Then they regionally priced it and screwed Aussies over through steam which really jaretted me off so I never even looked at it.

  • I would so love a new Sega console – I would give up my 360 and PS3 for one. The Mega Drive was my first console and definitely one the best around.
    It’s a shame Nintendo found continued success.. pity!

  • After Burner Climax on the PS3 and Xbox got great reviews simply because they stayed true to the original formula…. We all need a proper 3D version of Space Harrier… You can do it SEGA!!!

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