Shooting (Among The) Stars In Halo: Reach

Teased in Microsoft's E3 keynote, seen by yours truly and played by Totilo, here's a solid minute of gameplay in Halo: Reach's space combat sequence that GameTrailers just threw up on its site. Wait, that didn't come out right.

Eh, what I meant to say is, GT, got its hands on something you'll probably want to watch and deconstruct. We can tell you everything that comes to mind from seeing it, but you really have to see it yourself to know how it plays out.

Exclusive Space Combat Gameplay [GameTrailers]


    starwars battlefront 2 anyone?

    its that in a nice looking package.

    Do a barrel roll!

      As soon as I saw the video I thought of starfox as well. I kept thinking "THE ENEMIES ARE CLUSTERED USE THE BOMB". Halcyon days indeed..


    I SO HOPE and Bungie better listen, that they release a map pack with at least ONE map allowed for Space Combat in Multiplayer.

    Heck they add something SO awesome but limit it to ONE campaign mission and not even for multiplayer, not even OFFLINE multiplayer.
    Please Bungie - before you sell you soul to Activision.

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