Show Us Yours: That’s A Lot Of Protection

Show Us Yours: That’s A Lot Of Protection

This is the post where you get to show off your gaming setup and collection to the entire world. Let’s take a look now!

The idea of Show Us Yours is you take some photos of your games collection or your gaming room or your gaming cupboard or whatever else you have in your house that is about you playing games. You then send us your photos along with a few comments about what makes yours so special. Then we publish it here on a Thursday afternoon.

The regal, land-owning Lord Tyris sent us these snaps of his gaming estate. It is quite impressive! (Click to enlarge each pic.)

Show Us Yours: That’s A Lot Of Protection

I can spot one Guitar Hero drumkit (though Lord Tyris says he owns three) and mic stand. Three plastic guitars tucked away in the corner – and is that a DJ Hero turntable next to them? Another three plastic guitars propped up on the delightful blue couch. A Mario statue and steering wheel on the shelf. A Wii Fit balance board. Apparently that’s a Relakkuma cape draped over the back of the couch. Someone sure has eclectic tastes.

Let’s take a closer look.

Show Us Yours: That’s A Lot Of Protection

Zooming in on that side shelf we can see the rows of PS3, 360, Wii and Gamecube games, plus a bunch of Blu-rays and various DVD box sets. Not bad. What I love, however, is the basket of Gamecube controllers (four of them!) sitting next to the basket that appears to be stuffed full of Wii nunchuks. And then, over on the other side, is that really EIGHT Wii prophylactics? That is a lot of protection. And – oh my! – four Game Boy Advances which Lord Tyris claims are for playing Crystal Chronicles.


Show Us Yours: That’s A Lot Of Protection

Swinging around, we get a close-up of the coffee table. The 50-inch TV looms over a Final Fantasy XIII PS3, an iDOLM@STER face-plated Xbox 360, and… a bog-standard Wii. The Wiimotes on the charging station with different coloured wrist-straps are cute. Who are all those anime girls, though? Tyris won’t say.

Now let’s pull back and pan right.

Show Us Yours: That’s A Lot Of Protection

A PC! With dual monitors and likewise littered with anime figurines. Best of all, though, are the red and green shell plushies on the floor. Mario Kart footrests!

I’ll leave you with one final pic. See if you spot what’s wrong with it.

Show Us Yours: That’s A Lot Of Protection


  • Finally!

    Dunno what’s wrong with the last picture apart from the radio being so close to the Wii. You can’t play Skyward Sword with wireless interference!

  • Nice set up. Looks like its blocking the door way a bit though 😛 I love the FFXIII PS3!

      • Unfortunately he lost his arm in transit from Japan a couple of years ago =(
        I tried gluing it back on, but about 35 seconds after attempting that a friend popped into my room and promptly exclaimed “cool! a mario… o… the arm is broken”, ruining my (probably shoddy) handywork… I never tried again…

  • One stop shop for all your casual gaming needs – lol

    That’s a pretty decent collection you have there mate. One question though – why so many guitars? It seems like a lot to have..

    • I originally got GH3 (or was it 2?) for X360. I then got another guitar… eventually the GH4 bundle with drumkit, guitar, mic.
      Thats 3 guitars. Then I got the logitech 360 guitar and drum kit (fantastic deals at the time).

      However, I’ve long lamented the fact that since I have a Japanese 360, I cannot play Rock Band (Beatles and Lego work and one or two of the “track packs”). So when I saw a Logitech 2xGuitar+1xDrums for super cheap (on ozbargain) I jumped on it and brought them for PS3 along with RB2.

      I’ve always planned to sell off the older stuff… but I’m ever the hoarder.

  • I still can’t find anything in the last photo but could you please re-attach Mario’s arm? He just doesn’t look right

  • Koopa Shells!! Cool! Where can you get these? Are they official? Never seen them before.

    Gotta submit my photos when i get the chance.

    • Got them from Japan (I can remember the exact store, though not name of it… its around the corner from M’s (an adult cosplay shop) in Akihabara for those familiar with the area).
      I *think* they were official (I’ll check the tags tonight maybe…)
      They’re a lot flatter than they used to be after many years (4) of heavy foot supporting.

      • They’re made by a company called sk-Japan

        The company makes a lot of licensed products so I’m assuming they are legit. I’m afraid I can’t really say if you can get them online or not (maybe that site will help if you can read Japanese…)

  • Thanks for the fantastic write-up David.
    A shame I didn’t have my new 27″ Dell monitor and my slightly wider desk in place when I took these photos.

    • Sorry for double-post… I thought it worth pointing out: the reason for 8 wii-mote “protectors” is that 4 of them are the Nintendo freebies (that they sent out for free), and the other 4 are Wii+ adaptors.
      The coloured wii-mote straps are official from Nintendo Japan.

  • haha very impressive… and all the Wii-condoms? There’s quite a few of those there too hehe

  • i wish i had a room that i could put all my stuff in like that atm its all piled up in a tiny room with most of it un accesable without some sort of dig dug device to break the surface of the other projects in there

    • I moved home to my parents recently… So thats the upstairs lounge I’ve taken over…
      I previously lived with 2 other gamers… smaller lounge… more stuff… 😉

  • also sorry for the double post..

    but what my mate is not telling you about this room. is that the couch is horribly uncomfortable to sit on, most of the time we perch on the backrest to play guitar hero.

    also is desk chair leaves your ass with a permanent checked imprint on it. oh and it’s almost worse then the couch =p

    oh and the Wii fit board is used more often as a food table. ;D

    • Guilty as charged… I plan on stealing one of the green couches from downstairs soon.
      I should also buy myself a luxurious command center chair.

    • You have good taste. I have a few more Air Gear figs in my room… they’re far more… I mean “less” clothed though.

  • Mio Akiyama figurine is win. I’m just lol-ing at the fact that there are so many Guitar Hero sets there and there are no actual guitars included in the picture.

  • Tyris, I’m impressed you have all 3 current-gen consoles. You’re pretty much the ambasaddor of “Gaming Lord” (refering to Kev Butler speech).

    Anyway, if you don’t want to reveal it’s ok… But how did you manage to get all of that? I’m sure it would’ve cost A LOT of money…

    PS. You don’t have GoW 1 – 3? Shame on you!!! LOL

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