Sin & Punishment 2 Gets Limited Aussie Release

Sequel to cult N64 shoot 'em up Sin & Punishment is finally making its way to Australian retail shelves. The catch is: it'll only be on the shelves of one retailer.

As spotted by the keen-eyed Vooks, JB Hi-Fi has revealed it is the exclusive Australian retailer for Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.

No date is given for the Wii game's release, just that it is "coming soon" and will be priced at $89.

You can preorder it from today, but only from a limited number of JB stores. Vooks has the full list in the link below.

Don't know what Sin & Punishment is? Reader Al Christie can tell you all about it.

Sin and Punishment Star Successor heading to Australia after all [Vooks]


    S & P has been available in NZ for $109.99NZ since July 6th. I've been playing this game non-stop trying to constantly top my stage scores (has Online Leaderboards). Definitely a must own game, Rated T. It has co-op but only similar to Mario Galaxy, by using a cursor and not a second player.
    If you see it, BUY IT!! Check out 'bdcool213' on YouTube for his stage videos (Japanese) for an idea of the gameplay if unsure.

      This is twice now that JB have stuck their neck out and brought in a critically acclaimed Wii title that no-one else would touch (the first being Punch Out). Even if it's a limited release, kudos to them for trying to give us games that we want, not what games suppliers want us to want!
      Good on them!

    I only just received my copy yesterday...

    Paid $66 for it.

    Spoke to guy at JB's Wollongong store yesterday and he said it should be in this week.

    I dont see how this can be a negative catch. JB is probably the cheapest place for games in this crazy fucked up game prices country.

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