Six Canadian Video Game Characters We Love

On July 1, 1867, two British colonies and a province of the British Empire merged together to form Canada. Today we celebrate our neighbours to the north with a look at the Canadian video game characters we love.

You didn't think we forgot about you guys up there, did you? Of course not. Here in the states we like to tease Canada. We call them the 51st state or America's hat. We suggest they spend the majority of their free time battling giant ice spiders.

But we really do appreciate you folks being up there. It could be a lot worse. So have a happy Canada Day, and check out some of our favourite video game characters from the Great White North, starting with...

Elise Riggs - SSX Series

Why we love Elise: She's a blonde snowboarding amazon with a sharp wit and killer curves, and she was voiced by actress Lucy Liu in SSX Tricky. If that's not enough reason to love her, then we'll make up something about her being really into charity and having a winning personality.

Art by Adam Warren

Sasquatch - Darkstalkers Series

Why we love Sasquatch: He's a giant, cuddly ball of fur from a tribe of peaceful Yeti hidden deep in the Canadian Rockies. He's an enormous plushie, with teeth, and he's just dying for a hug. If any one video game character embodies the magical wonders of the great Canadian North, it's this guy right here.

Art by Toonfed on DeviantArt

Candy Cane - Rumble Roses Series

Why we love Candy Cane: Everybody knows at least one crazy Canadian girl. Candy Cane is all of them, wrapped up into one. She's a deviant punk rocker with a mean streak, sticking it to the man and woman with her over-the-top wrestling moves. She also transforms into an innocent cheerleader. Can that much win even be quantified?

Photo of the Figumate version of Candy found on Flickr.

Maxima - King of Fighters Series

Why we love Maxima: Serving as a fine counterpoint to this list's flightier females, Maxima is serious business. He's a former Canadian soldier who gave up his past life to become a cyborg in order to avenge a fallen comrade-in-arms. He's represents Canada's nobler side.

Jean Bison - Sly Cooper 3: honour Among Thieves

Why we love Jean Bison: He's an anthropomorphic bison, frozen in ice for 130 years during the Canadian gold rush. Any other man or animal that endured such an ordeal would have sold the movie rights. Instead, Jean Bison started his own lumber mill. Though at first a villain, Jean changes his ways, becoming an Environmental Protection Agency agent before ironically finding himself trapped in a block of ice again. He represents Canada's pioneering spirit and its ice.

And finally...

Wolverine - Countless Marvel Comics-themed Titles

Why we love Wolverine: Wolverine, born James Howlett in late 19th century Alberta, is Canada's number-one bad-ass. If you ever need an example of how tough Canadians can be, this is the fictional character to beat. He's got a an Adamantium-laced skeleton, razor-sharp claws and a healing factor that can bring him back to prime condition from all but the most heinous injuries. He might not have the maple leaf costume that Alpha Flight's Guardian sports, but Wolverine is Canada.

And now it's time for you folks to share! We know you're there Canada. Most of you have the day off. Come and tell us who your favourite Canadian video game characters are!


    Most definitely Wolverine, namely because he's the only one I can think of, and the favourite of this list provided.

    +10 for the classy Adam Warren art, -100 for the Muddy Deodato.

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