Slime, You Can Drink

Because who doesn't like drinking something called "slime"?

Japanese game company Square Enix has collaborated in the past with Osaka-based beverage maker Suntory to release game-themed drinks for its Final Fantasy series. This time around Dragon Quest gets its own beverages as part of a promotion for Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory.

The drinks comes in two flavours: blue Hoimi Cider and orange Mera Tropical. As website Siliconera points out, the names are based off spells in Dragon Quest with "Hoimi" referring to "heal" and "Mera" meaning "Frizz".

No wonder Suntory has laced its heal cider with B6.

Priced at ¥284 ($3.80), the drinks go on sale July 13 in Japan and come with with a redeemable in-game avatar item.

Guzzling slime has never been this cute.

Drink A Dragon Quest Slime [Siliconera]


    I'm definately going to look at buying a case of those!

    i want to go to japan just to drinkk one of those

    just looking at them makes me feel thirsty and wanna chug 'em lol

    The bottles do look cute, if I had one I think I'd drink it than fill it with coloured water to keep the effect.

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