Snaps From The StarCraft II Aussie Midnight Launch

The crowd at EB Games' Albert Street store in Brisbane last night, as seen on the EB Games twitter.


    i wana see a zerg

    Huh... Shoulda gone to that thing...

      why?... you don't play STARCRAFT!.

        He comes out of the Woodwork! And yes... you called my bluff...

    Looks good. Grabbing a copy at the weekend.

    Love the guy in the orange reflector jacket.

    Was there any Midnight Launches in NSW at all? Went in at 8am this morning, not too many people around, must have been a midnight somewhere?

      Only in Brisbane I'm afraid. I think originally, it was to be at the CBD for us NSW people. But with both stores either out of action (Centrepoint is being overhauled) or saying no (think it was the Victoria Galleries), they said CBF and went north.

    That's a pretty decent crowd...

    There were multiple midnight launches at EB's in SA.

    JB HiFi in Adelaide CBD (not sure about other stores around adelaide/country) is selling sc2 for 69 bucks! Get on it!

      So is Dick Smith's At Wooloongabba. Probably the same everywhere...

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