Solid Snake Meets Ghost In Modern War Gear Solid

What happens when "Ghost" from the elite commando squad Infinity War, a subsidiary of "ActivistSun", teams up with "Snake" to take down the threat of Modern Gear? MODERN WAR GEAR SOLID, the ultimate paramilitary crossover!

Standing between Snake, Ghost and world peace is the evil alliance between Makarov and Liquid Ocelot, an alliance set up in part one of the Modern War Gear Solid story. Turns out our heroes from two of the most popular games of all time aren't that different. While they may employ different methods to get the job done, they both really love breasts.

This fan-made short from "guerrilla" filmmakers Beat Down Boogie is slicker than the Gulf of Mexico, so don't miss it.

Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid - part 1 [YouTube - thanks, Raakam!]


    Damn that was *fantastic*. Fan made stuff has come a long way in the last 15 years since Troops!

    I thought Ghost preferred a bushmaster ACR rather then a M4A1

    But was freaking awesome apart from the shitty accents :D

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