Sony Claims ModNation Racers Patch May Halve Load Times

In late May, ModNations Racers producer Dan Sochan told Kotaku a patch was in the works that would shorten the game's lengthy load times. Today, IGN reports that such a patch will be out next week.

First on the list of tweaks coming via the patch, the outlet reports, is:

Slashed Load Times

Yes, there are still going to be load times, but Sony is reporting that in some cases those loads will be 50 percent faster.

A new casual difficulty will be added and it seems that players won't have to go to the game's hub — a journey with load times of its own — to access online play.

ModNation Racers is a great-looking game with excellent track/kart/character editing tools. Being able to play it without sitting through frequent commercial-break-length pauses would be a delight. Let's hope next week's patch accomplishes that.

ModNation Racers Patch Date and Details [IGN]


    That it was allowed to be released inthe first place without this patch boggles my mind.

      Point taken, but at least they ARE patching it, as opposed to ignoring the issue.

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