Sony Hears You On Those Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus HD Remakes

While Team Ico's The Last Guardian was distressingly absent from E3 2010 and speculation around high-definition remakes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is sadly just speculation at this point, Sony is "very aware" of fans' expectations.

The man in charge of Sony's worldwide development studios, Shuhei Yoshida, tells Joystiq that, as far as PlayStation 3 remakes of PlayStation 2 titles go, "Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is on the top of the list."

"We want to see them played in HD and [at]a better frame rate as well," Yoshida says. "That's something we're very aware of. We are very aware of consumers' expectations. We believe in these conversions." The Worldwide Studios boss sounds positive that the company's Sly Cooper Collection will be a good indicator about just what can be done with these classics one generation later.

More at the video interview.

Video interview: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on Team Ico, Insomniac, Move, and more [Joystiq]


    If you do it sony, I will be so excited I will probably throw my pelvis out whilst humping the air in delight.

    I would buy a PS3 if these games were released for it. (Or if backwards-compatible PS3s became the norm again)

    ROFL ... I currently have a tab of my browser open on eBay having just performed a search for Shadow of the Colossus.

    Please ... Please ... Please .. Please

    ICO first...then MGS series next please!

      MGS would be awesome (as they are freakin amazing), but ICO wasn't that great. Shadow of the Colossus on the other hand was a masterpiece and should definitely be remastered!

      Sony can't do that - MGS is made by Konami, not Sony. Sony can do their 1st party stuff, but you have to beg Konami to do MGS, not Sony.

        They could if they got permission... If Sony have seen all the internet comments, then there are a bunch of 3rd party games that are being asked for.

        So even if Konami weren't interested, Sony could approach Komani and ask for permission for all the assets for a Sony team to work on it.

        All Konami have to do hand it over, agree on a percentage split and sit back and wait for the money to roll in!

    Well that all but confirms it really, obviously they are looking to make it work. We will probably see it released around the release of The Last Guardian.

    I'm hoping they are using the Sly Collection as a test to see whether or not Sucker Punch will make a new one after inFamous 2. Let's hope so...

    I've been on the knife edge for whether or not tobuy a ps3 for quite a while, the draw of games like God of War 3, MGS4 and Uncharted and it's sequel have kept me there for a long time, and while the slim almost pulled me over, the lack of reverse compatibility have dissuaded me from taking the plunge.
    However, a HD ICO and Shadow of the Collosus or the return or reverse-compatibility would make me buy one the next day.

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