Sony Is Making Money Again

And thank the PS3 in part for that!

According to Sony's latest financial statement, the company's earning were powered by the sales of computers, televisions and the PlayStation 3.

Overall revenue inched up 3.8 percent, and the company posted a ¥25.7 billion (US$295m).

Sony's Networked Products and Services (think PCs and PlayStations) recorded a 32.4 percent year-on-year increase.

During the quarter, the 2.4 million PS3s were sold. There were 1.2 million PSPs and 1.6 PS2s sold in that same period.

There were 24.8 million PS3 games sold in that same period. There were 9.2 million PSP games and 3.4 million PS2 games sold.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Sony was back in the black.


    1.6 million PS2s? wow i cant believe such an old console still has those sort of sales figures.

    i think earlier last year or something the ps2 was just on sale in south america

    The PS2 is still making money because Sony refuses to put backwards compatibility on the new PS3s. Until people stop buying PS2s, there'll be no backwards compatibility, and until there's backwards compatibility, people will continue to buy PS2s.

    I know, it sounds like incessent whining on my part, but I think it's an absolute load of bollocks. I mean, I understand Sony makes a lot of money out of PS2s, but... it just sucks. Feels like the newer PS3 owners have lesser consoles than the first ones.

    And if they won't release backwards compatability, at least release PS2 games as downloads. I have never played Kingdom Hearts 2 and can't find a copy anywhere.

    I love how Sony only made 295 dollars this quarter, LOL!

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