Space Combat Is Part Of Star Wars: The Old Republic

While running about doing quests and exploring planets makes up most of the Star Wars: The Old Republic experience, during a Comic-Con panel today, BioWare revealed that space combat will play a part in the massively multiplayer role-playing game.

What good are free spaceships if you can't use them? At today's Star Wars; The Old Republic Comic-Con panel, Bioware told fans that those ships weren't just for player housing.

Space combat will be separate from the main gameplay of The Old Republic. During breaks in the ground-based combat questing, players will be able to fly their ships to hot spots on the galaxy map, engaging in combat with asteroids, enemy ships, and other obstacles that "will evoke memories of some of the great Star Wars space battles."

Next month's issue of PC Gamer will be filled with information on space combat in The Old Republic, along with the first screenshots of the feature in action.

Space Combat in The Old Republic! [The Old Republic Forums]


    Sweet. Without space combat its just not Star Wars. =D

    i just hope it's not a rehash of Star Trek Online's mission combat system. that was somewhat ugly. though given the mutiplayer demo they released earlier, it might end up being awesome if it feels convincing/dangerous.

    bit curious to know if it's going to support multiplayer, player fleets/groups, guild transports, etc.

    if you get a choice in ships i.e. 'mounts',

    or it's straight up generic player housing, i.e. you can't invite guests inside for space-tea and sabacc.

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