Space Invaders Hits The IPad With A Bar-Top Twist And Secrets

Taito just released a hot little Space Invaders game for the iPad.

Sure, Space Invaders HD is nothing new, there's no new modes or re-imaginings of how to play the game, instead it's a faithful adaptation of the original title, down to the little 3D joystick you use to play.

But, this isn't just an adaptation of the arcade machine, it's an adaptation of the cocktail table arcade machine. What's that mean? You can sit across from a friend with the iPad laying on a table between you and the game will rotate the view when it's the other players turn.

The game also includes a slew of bonus material, like the design documents used to create the original 1978 game. So neat, and not bad for $US5.


    Ha. I've got that original cabinet sitting in the back room. It reflects the game onto a sheet of glass. I still haven't gotten up to the space Yetis.

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