Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions’ Hidden And Obscure Costumes

The Spider-Man of Activision's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has an impressive wardrobe, with an old-school Amazing outfit and a futuristic suit from the year 2099. At Marvel's video game Comic-Con panel today, Spidey's wardrobe rapidly expanded.

In addition to the Noir, Amazing, Ultimate and 2099 outfits, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions also features unlockable versions of Spider-Man's cosmic costume and the futuristic "Iron Spider" get up. Those two costumes are GameStop and Amazon.com exclusive.

Kmart and Best Buy offer two more exclusive costumes, Scarlet Spider and the relatively obscure Negative Zone variation, respectively.

Also unlockable will be Spider-Armor and the Mangaverse version of Spidey. The latter is, according to Marvel reps at today's panel, the first appearance of that take on the character in a video game.


    I hope this game is like batman: Arkham asylum is to Batman's franchise.


    Well I did think the Manga "Ninja" spiderman was going to be one of the characters in the game, guess I'm kinda right.

    I'm starting to think I really want this game.

    reminds me of these skins made for spider-man web of shadows, it looks like marvel are listening to the fans..... for once...

    I hope it means you can unlock them in game anyway, but you have to pre-order to start with them. Otherwise... a whole lot of content no-one will be able to start with (you can't preorder at two places)? That's stupid, rude, and above all, would ruin the game.

    But it looks like this game may be the next Spider-Man game, specifically like that old one on Mac, PC and the Playstation.

    I hate "exclusive content", it's just the biggest load of bullshit. Can't they just give us ALL the content they've made for a game? Do they have to turn it into some kind of contest?

    I beleive it's eventually unlockable because it says unlock immediately.

    Why does Mangaverse Spidey look like Scout in a lycra Spidey mask?

    "I'ms ya Friendly Neighborhood Spi-BONK!"

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