Splinter Cell Action Figure Sneaking Onto Shelves

"BUY ACTION FIGURE" may not have been written across the side of a building during the latest Splinter Cell game, but for die-hard fans it should have been, given the impending release of a new, plastic tribute to Sam Fisher.

Based on his likeness in Splinter Cell: Conviction, this figure by NECA isn't quite ready yet - it'll be out around October - but when he is, he'll come with some weapons, as well as a removable flak jacket and a pair of his fancy new goggles from the game.

The outfit and gear look fine, but that face on the shot above... all I can see is Ben Affleck. Hopefully the final release is a little closer to the shot below, in which Sam not only looks older, but crankier.


    He looks like Matthew Fox. Not that I'm complaining. He's dreamy~

    At least it looks a lot better than the figure that came with the collectors edition of the game. That figure is terrible.

    Will these be like those Assassins Creed action figures? Altair's face appeared to have been smeared with something that isn't polite to mention...or will they be like the nice Resident Evil ones....I'm guessing not. It's UbiSoft.

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