Starcraft 2's Installation Tells A Story

Starcraft has a fairly well-known story, but it's also a game that came out in 1998. People's memories may have gotten a little fuzzy since then. If that's you, Starcraft II's installer is here to help.

When you're installing the game, it does something few other sequels bother with, but so sorely need: it provides a refresher on what has come before. Why Kerrigan looks so... angry, why Jim Raynor is on the booze, it's all explained in a handy series of title cards that play while the install meter ticks along from 0-50%.


    ...slow news day, eh?

    This is the same video that's on the SC2 website. But still, it's a nice touch.


    Its been awhile since I've played but it seems like they missed a fair bit of the story, in particular the things that happened in the Brood Wars expansion?

    It tells a story alright!

    It says "If you already played through StarCraft 1 again as a refresher then go make a coffee fact go grow some beans, harvest them when they are ready, roast them and then grind them and make a nice coffee because this installation my take a while!"

    So should I get Starcraft 2 and learn the story based on these or should I get the Starcraft battlechest and play through that for the story?

    Installers need to do this more often. Things like the vidcomic that come packaged should be playing in the background.I remember the install of Red Alert 2 as the most awesome install time of my life, always freaking out when entering my cd code worried that I would take too long.

    Is it just me or is there no mention of the expansion in the install? strange.

    No DuGalle or Stukov?

    the installation took forever!!

    can you PLEASE put all that content after the jump (not before?!?) it took me ages to scroll past all this crap

    This install took atleast 45 minutes. Anyone else have a estimate of long it took?

    My install took a little over 45 minutes. I thought there was something wrong but slowly the percentage kep going up even though the story update finished way before the install

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