StarCraft II Campaign Finished In 16 Hours?

YouTube user USpecies says he or she started playing StarCraft II in Europe right before midnight and wrapped up at 3.30pm lcal time. Singleplayer done in 16 hours. Have you finished the game yet?


    Er. No - Though I think my father (58) will have finished his first run through sometime today. I jumped off last night around 10.30 and hopped on this morning to check his progress.

    He was still playing.

    Lol as soon as I got home plugged it into my pc. 5 others friends were waiting on me for multiplayer action. Played campaign for a total of about 20 mins. So no I haven't.

    Of course someone would speed run the campaign.

    As for me, no, beauty of it is that once you've finished you can immediatley play again with a different playstyle and new difficulty and have a entirely new experience.

    i went to the midnight release at my local EB raced home, installed the game and then never went to bed until 630pm tuesday night when i got to the final mission and by that time i was really failing hard due to lack of sleep.

    subsquently i had a bloody nice 16hrs of deep sleep

    16 hours? It takes about that long to install the damn thing and download all the updates. The guy must've been cheating :-Þ

    Actually I finished it in about 13 hours. Started at 1am, finished at 5pm. That's 16 hours but I played a couple of 1v1's and had a 2 hour nap.

    do you have to do all the missions to 'finish' it?

    I just finished, and also did it in one sitting.

    And strangely enough, yes, it also just took me 16 hours. How 'bout that.

    actually, some people have run through the campaign, ignored the side missions and stuff and done just what is needed to complete the game and it has taken them as little as 6 hours

    get job...

    Just insane! Why?

    Sounds about right. I finished it around the same time, and i had to restart 2 missions. Bought the game at 9.30am, watched the last cinematic at around 2am the next day.

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