Starcraft II Chat Rooms Are Inbound

One curious omission from Starcraft II at launch was the ability to jump in an in-game chat room with friends. But don't sweat. It's a feature that's on its way.

"Chat channels are something that will be added in a patch sometime after the initial release", writes a Blizzard community manager on the game's forums. "The system will be based around groups, where you will be able to join public channels that are based around your interests. Also the system will include private chat channels (in plans for release in the first few months after the release), where you will be able to connect with your friends."

So full-featured chat rooms may be a few months off, but they are coming. Wonder why they didn't make it in time for launch?

[Starcraft II]


    Probably because it was yet another thing that they had originally planned to exclude from the game but are now adding back in because heaps of players complained about it.

    Because they didn't consult their players in the first place...

    Microtransactions: $10 to chat with other players! $5 to select multiple buildings simultaneously!

      haha that may happen

      um. maybe it's just me but I can select multiple buildings at once?

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