StarCraft II Did Not Cost $US100 Million To Make

Last week we reported on a Wall Street Journal article that tagged the development cost of StarCraft II at more than $US100 million. According to Blizzard, it was a case of right price, wrong game.

How much did StarCraft cost to make? Blizzard hasn't said nor is it planning to any time soon. What Blizzard will tell us however, is that the $US100 million figure that appeared in the Wall Street Journal is not correct.

Apparently the WSJ got its games mixed up. The $US100 million-plus figure in the article referred to the development and upkeep of World of Warcraft, its massively-multiplayer online game. The numbers are based off figures we reported on two years ago.

The Wall Street Journal has printed a retraction, and our original post on the subject has been updated as well.


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