Starcraft II Is Shipping, But You Still Can't Play It

Don't Panic! The server's won't be up until the day the game ships. If you got the box copy early just relish that fancy box art because if you try to play early this is the message you're going to receive.


    They better have them up by the 27th for Australia.

      most likely, it's the US's 27th, so, either Tuesday at 5pm, or Wednesday 28th, 3am like the Digital DL copy.

      that's going to be ... wondrous when collides with 500k gamers trying to log into every 10 seconds...

    i got ma pre-order for starcraft ready to go
    i just can't wait for it!!!!

    yea they better be up for 27th of australia!!!!!!

    This is everything that is wrong in gaming summed up in one blue screen.

    "The server’s"

    English FAIL
    (The Server's TV? The Server's house?)

    Server's - belongs to Server.
    Servers - more than one Server!

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