Starcraft II Launches Around The World

Today is the day Starcraft II is released, a whopping twelve years after its predecessor. People are excited. Join us, then, as we show you images of midnight (and daytime!) launches from around the world.








    I wish I could get my hands on that Marine suit.

    What was the release like in Korea?

      We've got a few pics from Seoul up there.

    In the future, soliders will have massive shoulder armour and forget all we learned about camoflage.

    Isn't it funny how something that looks perfectly normal and makes sense in the game can look completely rediculous irl.

      While you do have a point, as with things like warhammer 40k i think it's meant to be the whole "walking tank" sort or idea.. substituting came with being able to walk through a hail of bullets.

      At least the Ghosts aren't plastered in armour...

      In Space, no one can hear your pedantries.

      When your enemy can see you in the minimap, camoflage is pointless, its either all in (e.g. invis) or nothing. Might as well opt for armour.

    I'm surprised with Seol.. i thought it would have been MUCH larger...

    God the Paris launch looks AWESOME though...

    lol, we got sooo jipped in Australia.

    I was at the BNE launch. It wasn't bad, but far from what you would call 'epic'. lol.

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