Starcraft II Singleplayer, The Idiot's Guide (By Blizzard)

Maybe it was because of the beta, maybe it's because of Korea, but with Starcraft II due out this week the game's singleplayer campaign still isn't getting much love.

I'm not one for madly clicking or remembering build routines; my Starcraft experience is a singleplayer one, so it's nice seeing a long, informative clip taking me through it step-by-step. Reminding me that for all my ignominious defeats throughout the beta's run, there is still a reason for me to get excited about Starcraft.

And that narrator! So homely. It's like he's trying to sell us not video games, but the good old days.


    It's a sad trend lately that people favor multiplayer more than single-player.

      The reason behind this is because people will be playing multi-player long long long after the singleplayer has been forgotten - at least that's how a good game should work.

      Exceptions to this rule are games that blend the two, like Diablo II

        Or of course, those with horrible multiplayer (bioshock 2), but still a good SP campaign

      Whats so sad about it, We should be thankful that we are given so much choice and great games to play!

        I like games with a good, compelling and enthralling story. I've had enough of games that relies on routine gameplay.

    Thanks for the post, I've played the beta and never seen some of those units!? are they only available in campaign? (Flamer turrets for zerg, weird looking shield laser guys etc)

    I much rather prefer my single player experences, a good involving story and gameplay is all i need.

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